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news > 28/07/2015 - #endUKpoverty

Child Poverty stats

As you know, our mission at Giving World is to eradicate poverty in the UK. When we think of poverty we don't think of it here in the UK, right here on our own streets.

However it is here and given the latest statistics from The Joseph Rowntree Foundation it looks like it's about to get even worse, with another 40,000 children adding to the 3.5 million children already living in deprivation.

There are 13.4 million people living in poverty in the UK. The UK has the highest rate of child poverty in the industrialised world at an average of 31%.

Child poverty is the greatest risk to businesses and the wider UK economy, as children who are brought up in deprived circumstances are less likely to attain educationally, and more likely to go into low paid jobs. This in turn affects the economics of business, because the circle of poverty increases with each generation. Which means purchase power decreases and decreases with each generation.

The real daily challenges of living in poverty without basic essentials, like appropriate clothing and toys, start with early years developmental issues. The Children's Society published a report (2015) that evidenced a child's cognitive development is directly related to parental social status as early as 22 months.

The highest early achievers from deprived backgrounds are overtaken by lower achieving children from advantaged backgrounds by age five. A child could be condemned to a lifetime of poverty as young as five years old.

These points of difference are compounded by stigmatisation and bullying due to the visible signs of poverty and deprivation.

People living in poverty are more likely to have complex needs and be at risk of being socially excluded from their own communities.

Unless the poverty spiral is interrupted, it can traverse generation after generation, resulting in wider social degradation.

During the last three years Giving World's main beneficiary groups (51%) have been children, families on low income, young people, children with disabilities, unemployed young people, adults with children fleeing abuse and teenage parents.

Reuse of brand new surplus enables us to provide a range of solutions to families and communities in need.

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And for the Tweeters, Facebookers, Instagrammers and any other social media platform users, please use the hashtag #endUKpoverty.

Because lots of us publish from one application across all platforms let's get the message out there: that there really is poverty in the UK.

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